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       The organization (formation) of Compatriotic Associations has been joined to the next days of the Armenian  Genocide after the occupation and emptiness of Armenian Cilicia. In the presence of thousands of emigrant exiled and deported Armenians, crowded in Aleppo city and the regions. At those days, part of them have been settled in Aleppo, whereas the others settled in the Northern side of villages which have had compatriotic nature.

       By the establishment of the  villages between 1918 and 1930 , there have been almost 28 regional small groups in Aleppo. For example, Severeg-Lge Small group, Sis Exiled people's Committee, Sepasdia Assistant's Committee, Kilis Emigrant's Committee, Marash and Region committee, Ayntab Small group and Zeytoun Emigrant's Committee, They have been concerned about the material & moral demands of Armenian Emigrants & the ways or means to return home....etc. within possibilities. Those small groups have been examples of the present Compatriotic Associations.

       The villages have been converted between 1930 and 1938,by the government's decision . The Armenians have flourished their areas like: Meydan Street,  Bostan-Bahsa, Davoudye ...etc. They have been  expanded national, educational. social, and cultural activities, where from the very beginning, the compatriotic associations have had characteristical role.

      Nowadays, especially in Aleppo, a range of Associations exist and improve educational , Take –Care  and patriotical cultural activities. They intend to keep paternal fatherland's national customs and habits to transmit them perfect to the new generations. These Associations usually publish annual Calendars.
      Woman, young or social assistant committees work and act next to the administrations. The Compatriotic Associations enjoy the patronage of the  National Prelacy.


   Nowadays  the following compatriotic Associations act in Aleppo:

1-Dikranagerd compatriotic Association has  established between 1918 and 1922 , it has had a private orphanage in Aleppo and "Dikris" the popular library. It has established in 1929 and works till now. It has private headquarters.

2- Marash Compatriotic Association, has  established in 1921, reorganized in 1934,"Nor Marash" newspaper has  published between 1945 and 1950.Nowadays it is considered the main centre of Kermanigian House.

3- Ourfa Young Armenian Association has  founded in 1921, as Ourfa compatriotic Association .  It has stopped working periodically later reorganized in 1970 and recalled by this name, in 1971. It has private headquarters.

4- Zeytoun Compatriotic Association has  first founded in 1922,reorganized in 1947.It has Miss Association between1948 and 1955,as well as property(land).

5- Palou Compatriotic Association has  established in 1923. There is a memorial monument fountain in the churchyard  of Saint Krikor  The Illuminator Armenian Apostolic church in Aleppo , which has built by the providence  of the Association on 10th December, in 1989.This stands for the memory of the fatal earthquake casualties which struck Armenia.

6- Kilis Compatriotic Association has founded in 1926. By the efforts of both Aleppo  Association and Beirut branch Kilis Armenian Memorial Book has published in 1969.(The publishers were priest Khoren Nersesian and the lawyer Hampartsoum Berberian). The Association has headquarters and it has  split in two in 1995.The first as Kilis Young Armenian Association, while the second as Kilis Compatriotic Association.

7- Beregik Compatriotic Association is considered  the continuation of Beregik young Association, which has  established in Garablous city, in Syria in 1931.It has renamed by Beregik Compatriotic Association in 1934. Finally, it has reorganized in 1993 and acts in Aleppo city.

8- Garmouj Woman Association is considered the continuation of Garmouj tack care Association. Which has  established in Aleppo, in 1934.It has reorganized in 1976.

9- Ourfa Woman Association has  founded in 1936 and it is working up to date without interruption.

10- Mousa Mountain Compatriotic Association has  established in 1993 and it is working up to date.

11- Daron Douruperan Compatriotic Association is the continuation of Daron Compatriotic Associations, which has  founded between  1937 and 1938,it has reorganized in 1948.The Association is  the continuation of Sasoun, Khnous and other compatriotic Associations working in Aleppo & Qamshlly since 1920s. The sports union "Darony Ardziv" has  worked under the patronage of the Association between 1951and 1963.Whereas "Daron" periodical book has  published in 1950s.In the churchyard of Saint Forty Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Church in Aleppo and by the  providence of Association on 6th October 1996 has realized a monument sculpture for the memory of Douruperan world and Armenian Martyrs .The Association has private headquarters .

     Daron Douruperan Association Branch has  established in 1948,in Qamshly.

     Saint Anna Compatriotic Association-Brotherhood is working in Yakoubiye which has  founded in 1970.

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